Elements of Electromagnetic Theory: “With Drawings & Illustrations”

Elements of Electromagnetic Theory: “With Drawings & Illustrations”

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Publication Year: 2015
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Length: English, 8.5" x 11" (17 x 27 cm), 494 pages
ASIN: 151729407X
ISBN: 9781517294076

In this treatise I have tried to present in systematic and definite form a simple, rigorous, and thoroughly modem introduction to the fundamental principles of electromagnetic theory, together with some of the simpler of their more interesting and important non-technical applications.

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About the Book

The work makes no pretense to completeness, but is written for the serious student of physics, who will make liberal use of more detailed treatises, of hand-books, and of journals, as occasion demands.

I am of course indebted to many books and memoirs. My obligations are especially great, as the most cursory examination of the book will show, to the works of Maxwell, Heaviside, and Poynting. I am also much indebted to Professor A. G. Webster for the use of a number of excellent diagrams from his treatise on electrical theory.

About the Author
S. J. Barnett

was Professor of Physics in the STANFORD UNIVERSITY

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