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Series: Green Line Science Fiction Books
Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction
Publisher: e-Kitap Projesi & Cheapest Books
Publication Year: 2020
Format: (eBook + Printed)
Length: English, 6" x 9" (15 x 23 cm), 626 pages
Narrator: Çiğdem N. Döşoğlu (Translator)
ASIN: B08C96Z64K
ISBN: 9786257120579

"The Story that Began in the Desert"

Are you ready to learn the world's biggest and scariest secret?

"One day, Moses saw something very interesting in the Desert."

"A Bush was on fire such as a fireball, yet it was not consumed."

(Bible, Exodus, 3)

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About the Book



Are you ready to learn the world's biggest and scariest secret? 

"One day, Moses saw something very interesting in the Desert."

"A Bush was on fire such as a fireball, yet it was not consumed."

"So Moses thought as I must go over and look at this remarkable sight. Why isn't the Bush burning up?"

(Bible, Exodus, 3)

Archaeologist John Smith, finds a very interesting ancient Roman 2000-year-old silver coin in the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy in 2036. He sets out with his wife Sara and daughter Elsa to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, to visit his friend Professor Gregory Kravnik to analyze the coin which has some strange figures and some dates written in Roman numerals.

When he arrives in Cairo, a sphere with a source of unknown, shining like a fireball with a big explosion, descends from the sky and illuminates the whole city with its light in the uninhabited desert somewhere near the Great Pyramids. Meanwhile, John Smith, who was close to the incident, received a very important information from his friend Gregory, about analyzing the symbols and what the symbols on it were saying and when he returned to his hotel, his car stopped suddenly after that explosion. A mysterious hand touches the back of his car and he shouts 'Help!' But that night he has never even passed through his mind that the person, whom he will take in his car, is the one who will change the future and will be one of the most important figures in the history of mankind that three great religions await.

At the same time, John's friend Professor Gregory Kravnik and his assistant Katya, who have been working at Archeology Institute of Cairo State University, is about to uncover the world's most mysterious sect, which has changed the history of the world and had kept a secret for 500 years. This Medieval Jesuit sect known as the 'Jesuits', coded it into everything and described it in encrypted form in the paintings of famous painters. However, Gregory and John will find out before it's too late that these two big secrets with the same goal have a very important connection with the light sphere descending into the desert that night. Moreover, this Earth's Biggest Secret that they will learn that night, has the power to change all known Religions History.

All these connections and codes point to a very important event that could change the world in 2036. But it won't be easy for them to learn this, a deadly hustle and bustle waiting for them will also start at the same time. All intelligence organizations around the world including Vatican, FBI and CIA, are into this incident and besides, John and his family's life are now in danger.

Beyond all this, the great prophecy, which is mentioned in all Holy Books and is depicted symbolically in the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Qur'an, is about to come true. Now, with the realization of this prophecy, humanity has to either face God or fight with the devil and find a new way to stop the Doomsday.

About the Author
Murat Ukray

Murat Ukray, an Author who is also a Publisher, was born in Istanbul in 1976. After studying Electronics Engineering at the University, graduate from Yildiz Technical University, Electronics Engineering and after Mastering in Istanbul; he started writing and publishing career at the age of 30. He has 17 published books.

Published books written by the author:

1 – The Reality of Doomsday (Fiction Novel) (2006)

2 – Unified Field Theory (Theory – Physics & Mathematics) (2007)

3 – Signs of Jesus (Research) (2008)

4 – The Reality of Creation- 2 Volume (Atlas of Biochemistry) (2009)

5 – 40 Rules of Love of Masnawi (Fiction Novel) (2010)

6 – Owners of the Time (Essay) (2011)

7 – Religious Guide for Women (Catechism) (2012)

8 – Tales of the Ancients (Research) (2013)

9 – Messenger Dreams (Essay) (2014)

10- Infinity of Eternity (114 Codes) (Theory & Practice) (2015)

11- Canon (A New Interpretation of the Holy Books) (Theory & Research) (2016)

12- Little Elisa (A Time Traveler) (Children’s Science-Fiction Book) (2017)

13- Lights of God (The Story That Began In The Desert) (Science-Fiction Novel) (Religious & Apocalyptic) (2018)

14- The Last Prophecy – 2 Volume (Science-Fiction Novel) (Prehistoric & Apocalyptic) (2019)

15- The Medusa Code (Science-Fiction Novel) (Mythological & Pandemic) (2020)

16- The Desert Planet (Science-Fiction Novel) (Extraterrestrial Life & Climate Change) (2021)

17- From The Nightmare (Science-Fiction Novel) (Horror & Apocalyptic) (2022)


Author was born in ISTANBUL on August 17 of 1976. He completed the Primary, Secondary and High School education in Istanbul. Then, he studied in "YILDIZ TEKNIK UNIVERSITY" during “1995-2000” period, Department of "ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING" and completed his master degree in the School of Science and PhD, during “2000-2004” period in the department of "PHYSICS" in the same university. He is married and have a one Little Girl, named "Elisa".

After graduated, Having specialized in the electromagnetic theory with which he became acquainted at the beginning of his bachelor of science education of his academic life in this university for a long time, he analyzed the electromagnetism and gravity, studied on quantum gravitation and relativity; eventually he created the Unified Field Theory which ensures a pre/unification of the gravity with electromagnetism.

The author has been studying on this theory in Istanbul for about 16 years and have other books of a series, about Religion, Science and Spiritual Thoughts, and Last book is a Science Fiction -Story- "From The Nightmare" Published in 2023..

* * *

Murat UKRAY isimli yazar & yayıncı, aslen UKRAYNA göçmeni olan İstanbullu bir ailenin tek çocuğu olarak 17 Agustos 1976 tarihinde İSTANBUL'da doğdu. İlk, Orta ve Lise öğrenimini istanbul'da tamamladı. Bakırköy Anadolu Ticaret Lisesi'ni başarıyla bitirdikten sonra, YILDIZ TEKNİK üniversitesi ELEKTRONİK Mühendisliği Bölümünde 1995-2000 yılları arasında eğitim gördü ve 2000 yılında mezun oldu ve aynı Üniversitenin FEN BİLİMLERİ Enstitüsünde 2002-2004 yılları arasında Yüksek Lisans öğrenimi gördü, burada ileri teknolojik araştırmalara ve bilimsel çalışmalara katıldı. Daha sonraki yıllarda ise, AMERİKA'daki GÜNEY CALİFORNİYA ÜNİVERSİTESİ (University of Southern California)'da ileri araştırmalar enstitüsünde Bulanık Cebir (Fuzzy Lojik) yapay zeka temelli elektronik devre sistemleri ve Kaotik zaman serilerinin zaman domeni incelemeleri konusu ile Einstein'ın Birleşik Alan Kuramı üzerinde çalışmalar yaptı.

Bu çalışmalarının önemli sonuçlarını Akademik makaleler ve Kitap olarak da 2007-2010 yılları arasında yine Amerikada tanıştığı POD (Print on Demand) sistemiyle yayınladığı gibi, bu yayıncılık sistemini 2011 yılından itibaren Türkiyeye getirmek ve modifiye etmek için, 2006 yılından beri yazdığı diğer eserlerle birlikte KLASİK yayıncılıkla eserlerini yayınevlerinde yayınlamak yerine, alternatif olacak bir yayıncılık sistemi şeklinde web yayıncılığının temellerini ilk kez atarak, web çalışmalarına da başlamış ve böylelikle ilk kez dijital ve basılı ortamda kitap yayıncılık hayatına da Türkiye'de başlamış oldu.

2010 yılından beri zaman zaman gittiği AMERİKA'daki aynı isimde kurmuş olduğu ( web sitesi üzerinden kitaplarını sadece dijital elektronik ortamda, hem düzenli olarak yılda yazmış veya yayınlamış olduğu diğer eserleri de yayın hayatına e-KİTAP ve POD (Print on Demand -talebe göre yayıncılık-) sistemine göre yayın hayatına geçirerek okurlarına sunmayı ilke olarak edinirken; diğer yandan da, projenin SOSYAL yönü olan doğayı korumak amaçlı başlattığı "e-KİTAP PROJESİ" isimli yayıncılık sistemiyle KİTABINI KLASİK SİSTEMLE YAYINLAYAMAYAN "AMATÖR YAZARLAR" için, elektronik ortamda kitap yayıncılığı ile kitaplarını bu sistemle yayınlatmak isteyen PROFESYONEL yayıncılar ve yazarlar için de hemen hemen her çeşit kitabın (MAKALE, AKADEMİK DERS KİTABI, ŞİİR, ROMAN, HİKAYE, DENEME, GÜNLÜK TASLAK) elektronik ortamda yayıncılığının önünü açan e-YAYINCILIĞA başlamıştır..

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