White Spark

White Spark

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In his final years he aspired to publish his fringe beliefs. Here is the cover of his loon-tastic 84-page “handbook of the Millennium” The White Spark (1920)…

About the Book

Part First.

Material And Spirit

This work is an exposition of a NEW PHILOSOPHY, and although it has been taught to a number of highly educated men,—in a technical way, we have had many suggestions made to us to publish a work which the "work-a-day" people can understand,—some have said: "It is too far above me," and "why don't you explain it so everybody may understand it."

In this section we have especially planned to overcome all such incongruities.

First of all we want to say that nature is a strict economist of time, material and energy—her acts and laws are the simplest possible.

When you see any philosophy that is complicated, it is wrong, but if it teaches simplicity it is right—the orthodox creeds have maintained that the universe contained two distinct and eternal elements—MATERIAL AND SPIRIT—but this is complication—can be reduced,—WE ARE MONISTS AND "PANTHEISTS" and we are right,—there is ONLY ONE ELEMENT IN THE UNIVERSE, AND THAT IS THE PRISTINE SPIRIT.

This is all that is needed to form the universe, and we will show that matter is simply an enclosure of SPACE or nothing, having an outline of spirit which is in such swift motion that it holds the outline—water can be sent through the air so swiftly that it will turn aside a steel bar.

To better illustrate the fact we will take a blackboard and paint it all over with whitewash, then we take a wet sponge and wipe out round figures—these will show as black spaces outlined by the white—these black spaces represent SPACE or nothing, while the white represent SPIRIT—the black spots then represent MATTER. They are really nothing, only a form outlined and held by motion of spirit or "ETHER."

The statement in catechisms that "GOD MADE THE WORLD OUT OF NOTHING" is then correct, although the statement has been called impossible by many scientists.

Our philosophy was the first to enunciate the true nature of matter, atoms, molecules and electrons. Previous to this atoms were considered as solid indivisible particles. Later the scientists said matter was condensed spirit or ether. I imagined so myself once, but upon reflection I said, "THE ETHER CAN PASS THROUGH EVERYTHING, SO WHAT COULD HOLD IT OR COMPRESS IT?" And spirit or ether could not compress ether, as ether is all alike.

To show our part in teaching the world the truth we will go into a little history.

As the readers of this work have probably never read THE LATCH KEY, I will reprint two paragraphs verbatim, numbers 6 and 17.

About the Author
Orville Livingston Leach

About Orville Livingston Leach (1859-1921), inventor, successful patent medicine purveyor, Rhode Island pleasure park owner, and a truly cosmic loon who believed the earth was hollow and the Millennium was near. In his dotage he had a cranky book to prepare, and he sounds like a prime candidate to have been a Lovecraft revision client c.1919-1921.

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