A TextBook of Veterinary Anatomy

A TextBook of Veterinary Anatomy

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Publication Year: 2016
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Length: English, 7.4" x 9.7" (17 x 26 cm), 826 pages
ASIN: 1537335022
ISBN: 9781537335025

The lack of a modern and well-illustrated book on the structure of the principal domestic animals has been acutely felt for a long time by teachers, students, and practitioners of veterinary medicine. The work here offered is the expression of a desire to close this gap in our literature.

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About the Book

The study of frozen sections and of material which has been hardened by intravascular injection of formalin has profoundly modified our views concerning the natural shape of many of the viscera and has rendered possible much greater precision in topographic statements.

The experience of the author during the last ten years, in which almost all of the material used for dissection and for frozen sections in the anatomical laboratory- of this University has been hardened with formalin, has demonstrated that many of the current descriptions of the organs in animals contain the same sort of errors as those which prevailed in regard to similar structures in man previous to the adoption of modern methods of preparation.  

While the method of treatment of the subject is essentially systematic, topography is not by any means neglected either in text or illustrations; it is hoped that this will render the book of value to the student in his clinical courses and to the practitioner.  

Embryological and histological data have been almost entirely excluded, since it was desired to offer a text-book of convenient size for the student and a work of ready reference for the practitioner. It is believed that the use of black type for the names of important structures and of small print for certain details or matter of secondary importance will prove useful in this respect.  

Veterinary anatomical nomenclature is at present quite chaotic in English-speaking countries. In this work an attempt is made to eliminate some terms which do not appear to the author to fulfil any useful purpose, and others which are clearly erroneous or otherwise undesirable.

In many cases the terms agreed upon by the Congresses at Baden and Stuttgart are adopted either in the original Latin or in anglicized form; otherwise these terms are added in parenthesis. The author favors the substantial adoption of this terminology, but considered it desirable to offer a sort of transitional stage at present.  

The original illustrations are chiefly reproductions of photographs, many of which were taken by Mr. F. H. Haskett. The preparation of the pictures for reproduction was carried out by Messrs. J. V. Alteneder and W. J. Norris. The author takes pleasure in expressing his appreciation of the care and skill exercised by these gentlemen in this often difficult task.

The author is under great obligation to Professors Ellenberger and Baum in Dresden, to Professor Schmaltz in Berlin, and to their publishers for permission to use or to copy figures from their most excellent works. Their generosity in this matter has made it possible to supply this text with a larger number of high-class illustrations than is to be found in any other. A few figures have been taken from other sources, and proper credit has been given in each case.

For checking over certain data and for assistance in the correction of the proofs the author is much indebted to his associate. Dr. F. B. Hadley.  

The author desires to express his high appreciation of the determination and constant effort of the publishers to do all in their power to render the book worthy of favorable reception by the profession for whom it is intended.  

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Septimus Sisson.

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