The True Church of Christ

The True Church of Christ

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Publication Year: 2017
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This papers were originally intended for those specially familiar with Oriental philosophies and modes of thought, an attempt has therefore been made to translate the language of Western Christian teaching as to the origin and functions of the Church into Eastern phraseology.

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About the Book

In republishing the papers with a view, it is hoped, to a wider circulation, it became necessary to explain somewhat of this phraseology.  

Therefore a paper by the same author on the Seven Prtnctples of Man as understood by the Eastern schools (a conception which has been largely used as an analogy in these papers) has been added as an appendix, and a glossary of the Sanskrit and other Theosophical terms used in the work has been appended, which it is hoped will make the papers quite clear to the average Western mind.  

First, then, I write not for those who have been truly trained in the faith and doctrines of the Church, for to them all the knowledge I can impart has come in a far more perfect as well as easier way than any we could suggest. I would emphasize the word truly, for I mean the esoteric members of the Church, whose faith is not a blind faith, but a deep and genuine spiritual knowledge.  

We write not for the indifferent, having no desire to propose, least of all to gain those who have no backbone.

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