Apocryphal Revelations

Apocryphal Revelations

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Series: Black Line Religion Books
Genres: Christian Living, Non-Fiction, Religion
Publisher: e-Kitap Projesi & Cheapest Books
Publication Year: 2017
Format: (Printed)
Length: English, 7" x 10" (16 x 24 cm), 290 pages
ASIN: 1542314232
ISBN: 9781542314237

Apocryphal Revelations, I stated I was not conscious of nor familiar with any of the truths given, until ready to write, but I failed to state, as I did not know it then that I give a great deal independently from my connection with the Divine Mind, as do all who are in harmony with the spirit.

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About the Book

No work done by mortal but is directed by the spirit, hence this cannot appear an unreasonable claim. But, as spirit has only a material brain, and sense organs to connect him with the material world, to transmit that with which he is impressed (although he forms mortal mind, mind must depend on brain and senses to express that which has been formed from the experiences transmitted through them) he can only give according to the development of his instruments, his material brain and senses, that which they can transmit.

When material science can explain, as several of its greatest are endeavoring to, how the brain is formed in the first place, prior to birth, how developed, reformed, and created by the invisible, governing presence, why one hemisphere is apparently useless, why the animal, basilar areas are entirely distinct, and have no direct connection with that part where they have located certain "mind areas", they will know, as they will ere long, that brain is but an instrument for the spirit, the real man, and that all sensations and perceptions would be useless without the spirit to cognize the sensations and perceptions he receives through brain and senses, and, that, according, to the development of that which composes the brain and sense organs he receives more or less correctly, from the spirit and mortal plane of consciousness.

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