R. Nisbet Bain

R. Nisbet Bain was a British historian, folklorist, and translator. He wrote extensively on early modern Slavic and Scandinavian history, and translated collections of folk and fairy tales from Cossack, Finnish, Hungarian, and Russian into English. His important collections include Russian Fairy Tales (1892), Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales (1894), Turkish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales (1896), Tales from Tolstoi (1901), and Tales from Gorky (1902).

Russian Fairy Tales

Russian Fairy Tales

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The existence of the Russian Skazki or Marchen was first made generally known to the British Public some twenty years ago by Mr. W. R. S. Ralston in his Russian Folk Tales. That excellent and most engrossing volume was, primarily, a treatise on Slavonic Folk-Lore, illustrated with admirable skill and judgment, by stories.

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