William Blake

William Blake

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THE history of BLAKE's life has been so often written that it would waste ink and paper to write it over again. Thanks to researches undertaken by Mr. Arthur Symons, We know now exactly where each member of Blake's family was christened and where buried, with the registered number and the cost of their graves.

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About the Book
We know also that Blake was not the son of an Irish runaway who had changed his name. Who but an Irishman could have supposed he was so? The most remarkable fact about Blake is the stability of his character: 

“That a man so impressionable and so hot-headed never left his moorings. Undoubtedly they were both deep and strong.” 

As to his life itselft, he main outlines of it are sufficiently well known. Blake's character is so absorbing that there is a temptation to regard his circumstances as of more interest than they are. The fact is that they merit the epithet which has been applied to them by Blake's most recent critic and eulogist in France. 

They were banal. It comes somewhat as a shock to the English reader to receive this information, but the truth, having been told, must be admitted.

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