Adonijah “A Tale of the Jewish Dispersion”

Adonijah “A Tale of the Jewish Dispersion”

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Genres: Judaism Living, Non-Fiction, Religion
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Publication Year: 2015
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Length: English, 6" x 9" (15 x 23 cm), 200 pages
ASIN: 1517276888
ISBN: 9786059285049

The period included in the reigns of Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian, was remarkable for two memorable events in the annals of ecclesiastical history; the first persecution of the Christian Church by the sixth Roman sovereign, and the dissolution of the Jewish polity by Titus.

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About the Book

The destruction of Jerusalem was stupendous, not only as an act of divine wrath, but as being the proximate cause of the dispersion of a whole nation, upon which a long series of sorrow, spoliation, and oppression lighted, in consequence of the curse the Jews had invoked, when in reply to the remonstrances of Pilate they had cried out, “His blood be upon us and our children.” 

The church below, represented in Scripture as a type of the heavenly Jerusalem above, and having its seat then in the doomed city, was not to continue there, lest the native Jews composing it should gather round them a people of their own nation, in a place destined to remain desolate till the time when the dispersed of Israel should be converted, and rebuild their city and temple. The city bearing the ancient name of Jerusalem does not indeed occupy the same site, being built round the sacred spot where the garden once stood, in which a mortal sepulchre received the lifeless form of the Saviour of the world.

But happier times seem dawning on the dispersed of Judea. Our own days have seen the foundations of a Jewish Christian church laid in Jerusalem; our Queen Victoria and the King of Prussia united to commence a work of love, thereby fulfilling in part the promise made to the Jews of old, “And kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and queens thy nursing mothers.” To those readers who feel interested in the dispersed of Israel and Judea, these pages may afford, perhaps, information on an important subject as well as amusement.

About the Author
Jane Margaret Strickland

Jane Margaret Strickland (18 April 1800 – 14 June 1888) was A British writer.

Short Life:
Strickland was born in Kent in 1800. The daughter of Thomas Strickland and Elizabeth (born Homer} of Reydon Hall, Suffolk, Her siblings were Elizabeth; Sarah; Agnes, Catharine Parr, Susanna and Samuel Strickland. All of the children except Sarah eventually became writers.

By 1840 she had two sisters living in Canada and two others who had moved out of the house leaving Jane to look after her mother who died in 1864.
In 1854 Jane published a schoolbookRome, Regal and Republican: A Family History of Rome that was edited by her sister Agnes. The proceeds made her financially independent and allowed her to buy her own cottage.

In 1856 she published Adonijah which is an unlikely, but engaging, story about a Jewish child living at the time of the Roman Empire who eventually becomes a Christian.
Strickland published a biography of her sister Agnes in 1887 and died at her cottage in Southwold the following year.

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