Henry P. Tappan
Elements of Logic “Reason of the Life & Promordial Logics”

Elements of Logic “Reason of the Life & Promordial Logics”

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THIS work here undertaken differs somewhat in its scope and design from systems of Logic which have hitherto been given to the world. The Aristotelian Logic is simply the method of deduction and, as such, it is complete. Subsequent works, in so far as they have been strictly logical, have closely copied the great master, and have confined them-selves to an exhibition of the deductive principles and processes.

Now, the deductive method comprehends merely the laws which govern inferences or conclusions from premises previously established.
These premises may, in their turn, be inferences from other premises, and so on, to certain extent and just so far this method is all sufficient. But it is evident that the evolution of premises and conclusions, and conclusions and premises, must have limit.

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