Ella Adelia Fletcher

Ella Adelia Fletcher (Nov 9 1846, Ohio United States – 1934) is the American Spiritual and Occultist Author of Books such as:

`The Law Of the Rhythmic Breath` and:

– `Woman Beautiful`
– `The Circulation Of Prana In Our Bodies`
– `The Auric Envelope`
– `The Woman Beautiful and The Philosophy Of Rest`
– `The Crown Of Concentration`
– `Planetary Influences Upon the Tattvas`
– `Tattvic Influences and The Fire Of Life`
– `The Atmospheric Currents Of Prana`
– `How To Gain and Use the Master Key`
– `Happiness Vibrations`
– `The Principles Of Taste In Dress and Its Influence Upon Character`
– `The Sources and Power Of a Woman’s Beauty`
– `The Master Key Of Creation` etc.

The Law of the Rhythmic Breath

The Law of the Rhythmic Breath

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I. "Breath is Life"
II. The Master-Key of Creation
III. How to Gain the Master-Key
IV. How to Use the Master-Key

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