Edgar T. A. Wigram
The Cradle of Mankind: “Life In Eastern Kurdistan”

The Cradle of Mankind: “Life In Eastern Kurdistan”

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The truth is, that ye ken naething about our hill country, or Hielands as we ca’ them. They’re a kind of wild world by themselves, full of heights and howes, caverns, lochs, rivers and mountains, that it would tire the very deevil’s wings to flee to the tap of them. And the folk are clean anither set frae the likes of huz; there’s nae bailie-courts amang them—nae magistrates that dinna bear the sword in vain. Never another law hae they but the length of their dirks; the broad-sword’s pursuer, and the target is defender, and the stoutest head bears langest out. Sir Walter Scott (“Rob Roy”) Though the quality of the ingredients must remain of more importance than the proportions, the authors of the present volume hope that at least the latter are correct. One of the writers has spent but three months in the country, the other has lived there for ten years. One was quite ignorant of the East, and spoke no word of any Oriental language; the other had become so intimate with the tribesmen of his own locality..

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