Daniel A. Murray

Daniel Alexander Murray (1862–1934) was a Canadian mathematician. Murray was born in Colchester County, Nova Scotia, and was educated at Dalhousie and Johns Hopkins universities and in Berlin and Paris. He was successively associate professor of mathematics at New York University, instructor at Cornell, professor at Dalhousie University, and, after 1907, professor of applied mathematics at McGill.

Differential and Integral Calculus: “For Primary Courses”

Differential and Integral Calculus: “For Primary Courses”

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The topics in this book are arranged for primary courses in calculus in which the formal division into differential calculus and integral calculus is deemed necessary. The book is mainly made up of matter from my Infinitesimal Calculus, Changes, however, have been made in the treatment of several topics, and some additional matter has been introduced, in particular that relating to indeterminate forms, solid geometry, and motion.
The articles on motion have been written in the belief that familiarity with the notions of velocity and acceleration, as treated by the calculus, is a great advantage to students who have to take mechanics.

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