Caner Özoğul

He was born in 1986 in the Golbasi district of Adiyaman province. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in the same place. After completing the pre-bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming in Istanbul, he completed his undergraduate studies in Business Administration department. He is currently studying Master’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Author who started to deal with Alternative Medicine in 2010. In the Ibn Sina’s “The Canon of Medicine”, he has begun to be reviewed on the subject of medicine and it is aimed not to progress to this area through the translation and other sources of Alternative Medicine. Pharmacology specialists have received training in phytotherapy, adding cup therapy, hematology and leech therapy and manual therapy training.

Healing Secrets of Avicenna

Healing Secrets of Avicenna

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When i had first read the second volume of Ibn Sina’s study, “The Canon of Medicine”, telling about which plant is recuperative and the applications of these plants internally and externally, i came up with the idea of bringing this study down to a simpler level of understanding that everybody can comprehend, rather than letting it be understood just by the specialists. But I could bring this out after 1 year of work. Staying faithful to the context of the book, submitting this book on behalf of the community was my biggest wish.

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