Alonzo Rothschild

Alonzo Rothschild (1862-1915), born in New York City to German-Jewish parents, developed early in life an interest in books and reading. As a young man, Rothschild tried his hand at journalism, spending several months working as a reporter for the New York Commercial Advertiser. Employment with a wholesale jewelry company interrupted for several years his plans for a journalistic career. However, it was through the jewelry business that Rothschild returned to journalism, when in 1885 he founded The Jeweler’s Weekly, a publication devoted to covering news of the trade with minimal advertising. The publication was immensely successful and, as a result, Rothschild was able to retire at the young age of twenty-eight.

Rothschild devoted the remainder of his life to self-education and to writing. He moved from New York City to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and attended courses at Harvard as a special student. It was during his residency in Cambridge that Rothschild developed an interest in studying the life of Abraham Lincoln. Rothschild planned to write a book or two on Lincoln and his cabinet. As his research progressed, however, Rothschild decided to concentrate solely on Lincoln, producing Lincoln, Master of Men: A Study in Character, published by Houghton Mifflin’s Riverside Press in 1906.

Rothschild was writing a second book on Lincoln when his life was tragically cut short by a swimming accident in 1915. Two years later “Honest Abe”: A Study in Integrity was published through the efforts of his son John.

Honest Abe

Honest Abe

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HE who seeks to understand the character and achievement of Abraham Lincoln must begin with a study of the man’s honesty. At the base of his nature, in the tap-root and very fiber of his being, pulsed a fidelity to truth, whether of thought or of deed, peculiar to itself. So thoroughgoing was this characteristic that it seems to have begun in him where in other men it generally leaves off. Politicians without number have yielded a work-a-day obedience to the rules of honor, but there is record of no other public leader in recent times who, among the vicissitudes of a trying career, has endeav-ored to balance actions and principles with such painstaking nicety.

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