Hakan Demirkol

Hakan Demirkol, 25-11-1984 Tarihinde Hatay’ın Dörtyol ilçesinde doğdu.
İlk, Orta ve Lise öğrenimini Hatay’da tamamladı.
Halen bir devlet kurumunda memur olarak çalışmaktadır.

First and foremost, this book is dedicated to “Those who love and are loved”.
Dear readers, this work is my first trial in novel. I hope you will enjoy it.
“One can’t be judged on his first work” they say.
And last but not least, I hope I have the blessing of you all

Love should be a one-time thing, and that one time should be with you, until the end.

Impossible Love

Impossible Love

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The love journey full of impossibilities, of the American Jew 60-year-old Superstar Linda Lopez and 33-year-old Turkish wretch Hakan Demirkol.

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