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BlackBerry to Shed Majority of its Real Estate Holdings

Beleaguered Canadian smartphone is inching towards a deal to sell majority of its real estate holdings. The company has been struggling with sales and is looking to find new ways to optimize operations and increase revenue. The move is being seen as a part of the Canadian handset maker’s broader efforts to conserve cash and fund turnaround efforts amid intense competition from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system-based smart-phones.

Custom web-based software launched by Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Canada

truliaimages (3)Toronto foreclosure home is a little different than purchasing newly constructed homes. Foreclosed properties are sold through public auction, and are

Guidelines in Buying a Toronto Foreclosure House

foreclosure Foreclosed houses are real estate properties that have been foreclosed by the lending companies or the government because of the failure of the owner to pay their loans or mortgages. Due to low price but still holds the beauty of a great home Toronto foreclosure properties are preferred than newly a build. However, auctions can be intimidating especially to those who are unfamiliar with its norms, practices and processes. If you are a first time buyer and would like to join on

Toronto’s Real Estate Market Remains Strong

foreclosure_signsmall-300x183 Toronto is one of the few countries in the world that has maintained a steady growth in the industry of real estate market. Some markets around the world have fallen down but the depiction is different in this city. In the past few years, there have been abundant investors coming into the Toronto real estate market. This interest has increased by about five times the normal amount in the past year alone. There are

Grab a Good deal at Toronto’s Neighborhood

images (2) When you think about houses for sale in Canada, Toronto might be among your first place of choice. I may say that investing in a home in Toronto can be a dream for some. Toronto real estate has definitely recorded a lot of investment action in recent times. These are investments, not just for locals but from foreigners as well. This is because despite significantly decreased property within the United States, property in Toronto ha

Toronto Condos Can be Your Home

waterfrontcondo1 Toronto is a moving and well developed city. Whether you want to invest in real estate or you plan to reside in it, buying a condo in Toronto is a great idea. Why? Not only it ensures eye-catching appreciation of your capital but also renders you to the joys of a city equate with the global standards. The first thing to consider are the rules. Because once you sign the closing papers on your condo you agree to abide by all the r

A Huge demand of Condos in Calgary

Edmunton home builders <img class="alignnone" title="Houses for Sale in Calgary" alt="Houses for Sale in Calgary" src="</p> </div> </div> </div> </article> <article style=" min-height:300px;"="" id="post-366">

Key People in Dealing Foreclosed Properties

download In every area of life, there are people designed or assigned to that field that spent time studying and have enough experience practicing the job. These people are the key in making any business in any field successful. Inspectors are people who are in-charged of inspecting, scrutinizing a particular property, he will tell why a certain property cost that much or that least, its flaws, deficiencies among others. Building inspectors make sure that new structure, the changes that needs to be done, or repairs comply with loca

Is Buying Foreclosed Properties Ruthless Act?

Edmonton condos Some says that buying foreclosed homes is like taking advantage of the people's misfortune under unpleasant circumstances and making the family homeless and feeling distressed. It may feel bad at times, putting yourself in a guilty situation, while all you just want is to have a property of your own that would suit to your limited budget. However, it is still their irresponsibility why foreclosure happened. They did not do their obligation that led the



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